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Badr Al Samaa bags OER Award for excellence in building National Talent in Healthcare Sector recently concluded at Sheraton Oman Hotel. The event was held under the auspices of HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Nadabi, Civil Service Affairs Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Service and Dr Muna Bint Salim Al Jardaniyah, Under Secretary for Technical Education and Vocational Training at the Ministry of Manpower. Industry leaders in HR, Finance and allied profiles from leading private and government companies got together on this platform to share their views and inputs to drive a reliable change in financial services and transform practices in human resource management to attain a sustainable growth and a brighter future across industries. The aim of the event was to bring together the expertise, present globally successfully HR and Finance Models, discuss case studies to arrive at the transformational changes in Oman’s scenario. 

Dr. V T Vinod, Managing Director, Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals received the award for excellence and best practices from HE Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Nadabi. On this occasion, the Board of Directors of Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals, Dr. P A Mohammed, Dr. V T Vinod and Mr. Abdul Latheef were of the common opinion – “At Badr Al Samaa Group we have proactive approach towards challenging economic environment in view of growing competition, adapting Financial and HR policies to adhere regulations, incorporating technology, work closely with the national mission of training Omani talent for better future, and many other functions. This approach is the determinant factor for ensuring a better position for Badr Al Samaa Group in challenging and competitive market.”

At Badr Al Samaa, we have set-up the best practices in HR like flexibility in workplace to maximize exposure, continuous development and training of on-roll work force, incentive schemes to add on work satisfaction, employee engagement in policy frameworks, importance of healthcare needs, recognition and appreciation, recreation and socializing, etc. Above all we are contributing and taking self-initiate for the training of Omani talent by on-job trainings, campus hiring and trainings and developing special modules to inculcate trending skills and knowledge in the budding professionals. We are closely working with Ministry of Health and National Training Fund (NTF) to up-skill medical orderlies and paramedical staff with training programs. We have tie-up with Ministry of Manpower for various projects under this theme. On the other side Finance fuels our growth and we understand the importance of setting up a robust financial system which ensures funding new projects while ensuring sufficient flow of funds and working capital for the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations. Viability studies by Finance department are an important factor to mitigate the risk even before investing in the venture or initiative. 

There were two important Panel Discussions in the summit. First “Negotiating Financial Challenges and Disruptions in the Financial Service Industry” which focused on the challenges faced by Banks, NBFC, Insurance Companies due to regulatory changes in the system and every growing challenges in the economic environment. The session focused on ways to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) for varied sectors and implementing successful project financing models. Second “Transforming HR, Recent Trends” which focused incorporating technology to bind HR functions and simplify complexity and at the same time take off non-value adding functions. The event also witnessed an important workshop on “Boosting Employee Engagement through Mindfulness & Happiness” which focused on many interactive ways to achieve employee engagement, satisfaction, and appreciation and bring compassion and care at work place so that productivity can be enhanced. 

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